Alternative Boden Catalogue

My contribution to the Alternative Boden Catalogue* which my adorable chum and near neighbour (well, I can almost see her palatial gated residence from here) Dulwich Mum has started:

The Downtown Squishy handbag:

boden bag

In a stunning shade of King Prawn, otherwise known as damn-the-au-pair-forgot-to-sunblock-the-kids pink, the Downtown Squishy has pockets for all those vital accessories, like your iPhone on permanent speed dial to the nanny agency, the keys to your 4×4 blocking the high street, and a highbrow paperback you have no intention of reading but will be pontificating about at your book club anyway.  The Downtown Squishy goes brilliantly with the Tablecloth Shirt over at London City Mum’s blog. I myself have the Embellished Tablecloth Shirt with napkin rings sewn around the neckline. You can also buy the bag with the King Prawn wedge colourblock espadrilles if you want to spend time meeting interesting new doctors in casualty. A word of caution – you may need sunglasses if looking directly at your handbag. Enjoy!

*Forgive me, Johnnie. I love Boden, as you and my bank manager know. But I couldn’t resist. Mwah.

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