back to business!

I don’t know what little bug of curiosity caused me to look up my blog today, but it’s the first time I’ve even thought about it for months. How lovely to find people have actually read it! A really extraordinary, warm suprise. And an invitation from Dulwichmum to do some linky thing! I feel awful now that I’ve been offline so long. But, my dears, it’s been hell. I’ve now spent £12,000 on lawyers – I’ll have to look up how many Smeg fridges that is at John but I suspect even they don’t make them in that many shades. Of course the money is just the part that I can sit and count. The emotional toll I don’t even want to think about, but I think it’s fair to say I look pretty rough. Even though the whole thing was my idea, it really hasn’t been pretty.

But I suppose I do now have my crisp white Decree Absolute and the world, and all the horrible men in it, are my lobster.

And that is the trouble, and why I’ve turned to blogging again. I’ve been let down ,and I need help, from all the nice people who read my blog before and might read it again.

Dulwichmum, is it too late to say yes to a link?

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