Cadbury Big Taste Singles Bars

Those clever oompah-loompahs at Cadbury’s seem to be working overtime these days – and I’m definitely not complaining. Go into any supermarket and you’ll now see a wall filled with Cadbury’s products, where once you would only have found Dairy Milk and Fruit and Nut. We live in a world of choice and I was really thrilled to be asked to try the latest Cadbury’s baby, the Big Taste Singles Bar.


We were sent the Big Taste Toffee Whole Nut Singles Bars and, as you can imagine, they didn’t last long in this house. First of all they are a great size. We are big chocolate fans here – you may have gathered – and the singles bars were pronounced to be pretty much the ideal chocolate dose. Of course, there are some who will always think that the bigger the quantity of chocolate, the better (ahem) but the more sensible members of the family (my children) know that a treat is still a treat when it’s small, neat and doesn’t make you feel as though you’ve eaten the world. Plus you don’t need to go and lie down for a while, or feel great tidal waves of guilt, after indulging in a singles bar. It’s enough, but not that big.


The second clever trick was that it appealed to both daughters, even though one doesn’t much like toffee, and the other doesn’t much like nuts. Magically, the toffee-lover thought the bar tasted mostly of toffee, while the nut-preferer thought the overriding taste was hazelnut. Both were strongly of the view that the chocolate itself tasted even better than normal Dairy Milk. I don’t know what Cadbury’s has done to it (if anything – maybe it’s the combination bringing out the flavour?) but it certainly went down a treat. Boom boom!

A big thank you to Cadbury’s for letting us try the Big Taste bars and, of course, we are on permanent standby for more taste adventures.




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