Calling all Pigcassos …..

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Apparently my girls are the only teenagers in the known universe without bank accounts. They had euro accounts in Brussels, but since coming back to the UK, I’ve been rather busy with getting divorced, moving twice, getting remarried, finding them three schools, redesigning a house and garden and then having a little lie down. They already know they are woefully deprived – Child Two said bitterly to me recently, ‘my Build-a-Bear rabbit didn’t even have a skateboard‘ – but the bank account situation puts them virtually onto the at risk register, as far as they are concerned.

With a sigh, I turned my attention to the matter over half term. Child One was far too busy, as she now has a social life that makes Pippa Middleton look like a Trappist monk (but with a better bum, naturally) so Child Two and I strolled into the nearest bank. After being directed by a member of staff with a clipboard and walkie-talkie, we took a ticket from a deli-style number dispenser and were left to wait. It turned out we were waiting simply to book an appointment. Although (eventually) we were speaking to a real, live, banking advisor, he couldn’t advise us then (why not?) and we had to schedule a meeting for a week’s time. Baffling. We left the bank, and walked straight into the one opposite, where we were signed up in a matter of minutes.

But if only I had known about Nat West’s Pigs by Kids exhibition! Admittedly, Child Two is now too old (it’s for 13-year-olds and under) but otherwise it would have been a joy. Do you remember the family of pigs they used to have? They were cute as buttons when they were first given away, and still pop up regularly on Bargain Hunt. Gorgeous things, and they have a quirky quality that injects joie de vivre even into banking. Well, Nat West are on the prowl for pigs again, but this time as designed by your very own children.

So, if you have a budding Pigcasso or even a Francis Bacon at home, get them sorted out this weekend with some paper and pens and send the result in quickly to the Pigs by Kids website. The competition ends at midnight on Sunday 11th November. Approved drawings will be posted on the Nat West gallery, and three promising piggies will then be modelled by Harry Potter illustrator Cliff Wright. The one that gets the most votes will win and become the new Nat West pig.

This little piggy went banking …..


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