Dalani Home & Living Competition


Have you ever wondered how some people just have the knack of collecting lovely, designery bits and bobs around them, without appearing to break the bank, or even spend days schlepping around the shops? Chances are there is more than luck and good taste to it. They are probably members of one of the UK’s best-kept secrets – internet shopping clubs.

These clever clubs can offer huge savings on big-name brands and one of them, Dalani Home & Living, is offering all my darling readers a £15 voucher  just for becoming a member – which is completely free. Even if you have everything you need for your own home, Dalani’s a great source of presents – scented candles, cushions and so on – so you could get all your birthday and even Christmas gifts sorted, with £15 off. Not bad, eh? Just click here to become a member and receive your £15 voucher.

Then, once you’ve signed up, you’re eligible to enter a Competition and win an even bigger voucher, for £50! All you have to do is answer this question – what is the name of the brand in the sale at the top of the Dalani homepage? The competition closing date is 2nd April at 9am. I then have to announce the winner by 5th April. Please remind me if I forget – you know what my memory is like!

Then, if you’re feeling particularly lucky – and frankly, if you’ve got this far then you might as well go for it – you can enter a second competition, to win a huge £250 voucher. This is the prize I’d like to get my own hands on, as you could buy some seriously nice stuff at Dalani for £250, as you’ll see when you get browsing. And that’s all the competition involves – pretend you’ve already won the £250, pop off to Dalani, have a thorough look at all the stuff on offer, and make your wish list, adding up to £250. Then come back and leave me a comment saying exactly what you’d buy. There are 36 blogs offering this competition, and there are two £250 vouchers up for grabs. So that makes odds of, erm, ahem – well, let’s just say, the odds are very good. The closing date is the same as for the other competition – 2nd April at 9am. Go for it!

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