Do you need a life laundry moment?

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I probably shouldn’t admit this, but one of my most favourite ever TV shows was the Life Laundry. If I were ever offered the chance between seeing a brand new episode of, say, the brilliant, tense, taughtly-plotted Homeland, or an old episode of the Life Laundry, I’d go for LL every time. Yes, it’s sad, I know it’s sad, but that’s just the way I am. I like the sense of resolution, almost of new life, which the programme gives to those who somehow lack the will to sort themselves out. It’s such a fine moment, when they are led around their newly organised, freshly decluttered homes, through rooms which previously they had to pole-vault through because of the sheer build-up of possessions. Of course, I’d secretly – or not so secretly – like the bossy American lady come round to my own house to chuck away all the rubbish that’s already silting up the corners of the house. And I’d love her to spend a week or two in the garage.
But, for all those also mourning the loss of this show, there is a (partial) solution. It’s a company called Music Magpie, which will – gasp – help you sell unwanted DVDs, computer games and CDs and give you actual money for them. I know! It’s amazing. So, if you want to sell games online, check out Music Magpie. You have to sell ten items at once, but it’s easy to get a price for them – you just key in the barcode and the website will give you an amount. Just seeing what your unwanted junk is worth is rather fascinating – go on, give it a go and get on the way to a lovely life laundry all of your own.

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