Finshers’ pack?

Can I just say that I love Lil-lets? They read my recent post on periods and have sent me this splendiferous teen starter pack for my girls:

Lovely stuff from Lil-lets

As well as a plethora of period pads, tampons, and liners, including some so tiny we decided they must be for fairies, they very kindly put in some extra goodies. We loved the manicure set from Ciate, called the Caviar Mini Bar. I imagine the idea with this is that it’s so intricate it takes your mind off your period completely, as you sprinkle teeny tiny beads onto your nail varnish through a dinky funnel …. ┬áThe Hotel Chocolate brownie bar is a master-stroke, and the leopardskin fake fur hottie looks far too good for teenagers to me ….

Lovely as this set is, though, it did cross my mind that teenagers have a few other distractions that help them to accept the advent of periods. These factors include:

a) Being young

b) Being gorgeous

c) Having their whole lives ahead of them ….

Whereas, for we perimenopausal types, it’s all seriously downhill from here. Surely we are the ones who need a peri-pack to help us get over it all? I’ve had a few thoughts on what it could contain:

a) Every item in the Lil-lets range, as perimenopausal periods seem to go from teen-fairy-style to full-on bloodbath

b) A bottle of gin. Essential, clearly

c) AK47 to cope with month-long PMT

d) Your own bodyweight in chocolate. At last, there’s an upside to menopausal weight gain!

Any other suggestions?

And a huge thank you again to lovely Lil-lets x







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