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Those clever folk at Tesco have asked me to point some stuff out to you which, I must admit, I didn’t know myself.

I expect, like me, you always proffer your Tesco clubcard when you’re asked to at the till. And I expect that, like me, you basically then think no more about it. But in fact, those little points tot up somewhere on Planet Tesco and every now and then they reappear in the form of vouchers, which arrive in the post. If, again, you are like me, you assiduously cut out the vouchers, vow to use them the very next time you go to Tesco, then promptly lose them at the bottom of your handbag/somewhere in the car/down the back of the filing drawer in the kitchen. In the past year, I’ve not even had to go to the trouble of losing them myself, as I forgot to change my address. Until this morning, my vouchers were going to my old house, where I expect my charming buyers were losing them for me.

Now all that is going to change. I have updated my address. I have also had a closer look at the Tesco site and I can now reveal – wait for it – the stunning truth that the vouchers, sometimes for frankly piddly amounts like £1.50, are actually worth a lot more if you spend them on things rather than shopping. A fiver worth of clubcard vouchers can translate into up to £20 in rewards, like holidays, meals out, trips to theme parks – basically stuff the whole family can enjoy a bit more than £1.50 off the weekly Tesco shop.

You do have to be quite organised. You have to pop over to the Tesco site, Clubcard Deals, decide what you want to splash your loot on, whether it’s a holiday, a new Denby china set, a night out at Cafe Rouge, or whatever, then exchange your vouchers. You basically check what your voucher balance is by visiting your account, then put whatever figure it is into the box, then the site will give you a code to use to buy your reward. If you’re going for the holiday option, you can’t really beat the trip to Florida – for £30-worth of Clubcard vouchers, you get £300 off a package holiday. You could go to Disneyland! Not bad, is it?


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