Granny socks

I’ve had a lot of fun this week with socks. That’s not a misspelling. It’s been really cold in London, and I am now established in a pretty good writing routine, sitting in the kitchen every morning typing away for two hours. Unfortunately, I am sitting in a howling draught. To make this a little less chilly, I’m making a pair of granny socks to wear:


Aren’t they funny? Everyone who’s seen them has smiled. I got the idea from fellow blogger (and MUCH better photographer) Lazy Daisy Jones ¬†and I think they are just the business. The pattern isn’t that easy (anyone who attempts it and gets stuck, feel free to email me, details in the contact section above) but I think the result is very jolly.


Best of all, while the pattern recommends all kinds of high-falutin’ yarns, I got my wool from Poundland and it looks indestructible. I think it will be very easy to wash. I haven’t quite finished the right foot yet but my left foot is all toasty:


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