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How do you plan your interiors? I’m not sure I’ve ever sat down and really worked out what a room should look like from top to bottom, and I say that as someone who *loves* interiors and design. It’s never an entirely blank canvas, is it? There are things you have to take into account, things to work around. For me, it’s always the pictures.

Even in my student days, I’d have a clutch of rolled-up posters I’d lug from uni accommodation to rented┬áhouse, and unfurling those would be like planting my flag in a new place. Buying my first large picture frames, to put the posters in, seemed like a massively grown-up step – and of course made student moves more difficult. A bunch of posters requires only a bag. A pile of pictures needs a chauffeur. Nowadays I even have a few actual paintings on real canvases. But I still have a soft spot for those old favourite posters.


In this house, they have mostly congregated in the kitchen. I fell in love with Tom Purvis on a trip to the London Transport Museum years ago. The simple graphic colours, easy curved shapes and sense of splashy British fun he brought to his railway posters charmed me then, and still delights me now. We have three of the posters in the rather gloomy basement and I think they brighten it up, and add a bit of edge to the very Cath Kidstonesque floral print on the sofa.


We had a tragedy with some of my posters during a move, when an entire box was lost and unfortunately it took me too many months to notice for there to be any realistic hope of retrieval. I was really pleased to find out that some of them are available from King & McGaw, though browsing the website has meant that there are about a dozen new prints I’d like as well. We’ll just have to move to a house with a lot┬ámore walls. I loved the vintage film category but there are all sorts, from Warhol to botanical to contemporary. You can get them framed or furled, depending on your stage of life. How nice.



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