Please vote for me!

Lovely Linda of You’ve Got Your Hands Full and Have a Lovely Time has nominated me for this award¬†!! Normally I would go all middle-class and squirmy and ‘what, little me?’ and ‘oh, I don’t deserve it’ and ‘I couldn’t possibly ask you to vote for me.’

But the voting closes tomorrow. There’s hardly any time left. So I’ll simply say this:


Thank you so much. I fear you have to go through a slightly boring registration procedure before you vote – but don’t let that put you off!

Obviously I’ll love you forever if you vote for me. And if I win, well, then I’ll have your baby, or buy you your weight in chocolate, whichever is more appropriate or medically possible.

Thank you, darlings!

Plus it turns out I’ve been nominated for two MAD awards, Best Blog and Best Writer. Have I ever told you how much I love you? And, by the way,¬†that colour really brings out your eyes. Mwah!

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