Happy New Year

Well, I am sitting so far above the moral high ground today that I can barely see it even with the aid of binoculars. I am *literally* the only person in South London who doesn’t have a hangover, for reasons I’m not even going to go into. Of course, trying to sleep on New Year’s Night in South London without the aid of vats of wine is hard, due to the constantly wailing police sirens and random fireworks definitely not being set off by authorised and properly trained personnel. I’m sure not a single high-visibility vest was deployed in the entire region, probably because they make you a bit of an easy target for all those police patrols. So I’m a bit tired. But a tinge of bleary-eyedness never stopped anyone from setting out their plans for the year ahead, did it?

Ok, well, I haven’t quite done all that. I wrote the first part of this in the morning and since then, I’ve been vaguely wondering if my tax return is due and looking at saucepans on line. I haven’t actually bought a pan yet, but that’s just careful forethought, not grasshopper-brained flitting from site to site to see where the best sale bargains are. Anyway, the answer to that is easy. The best sale bargains are always somewhere else.

So, this year I will definitely be buying a saucepan. At some point. And also, starting a new novel, setting up a business and generally having the most organised year ever. Or something. Until then, I might just have a tiny glass of wine. Cheers, everybody 🙂 and have a lovely 2016IMG_5024

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