It’s Review Time

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I won’t bore you with my New Year’s Resolutions, most of which have bitten the dust already – well, come on, it’s the 7th of January ¬†– but I will share a strange little hope with you. No, not that strange. I’d like to learn to knit. I’ve mentioned before my horrible struggles with knitting, which I am sure are bound up in some sort of psychological drama the likes of which only I can create with a few innocent strands of wool. But I am going to put these tangled skeins of unconscious angst to one side. This will be my Year of Knitting, and this will be my weapon:

Secret Weapon
Crafty bit of kit

Ok, it doesn’t look that fearsome, but knitting phobia, shake in your boots. You are going to be cast off (ho ho) and a whole new era of hand-knitted garments is going to dawn. I feel a bit sorry for my relatives. They are already bowed down with crocheted scarfs, gloves, blankets, bags and hats. Now the onslaught is going to begin again, with slightly different stitches, and probably quite a few unintended holes and misshapen bits. But I hate being beaten, particularly by a ball of wool and two silly little sticks. Luckily, my clever knitting kit, kindly sent by those lovely folks at Peach Perfect, the gift website, has everything the aspiring knitter could need:




There is enough stuff here to make several bags with decorative buttons and flower motifs, and I can’t wait to get started. Before I do, though, I’ve been practicing some stitches here:


Sigh. As you can see, my knitting, in shameful contrast to the happy-go-lucky, bright colours of the kit, is already dark, sinister and gnarly and features a mysterious change of stitch in the middle which came about with no apparent intervention or intention from me at all. Still, it’s early days. I shall persevere and if you are very lucky (or unlucky) I will knit you something special. Be warned.

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