Hot Chocolate

Well, here we are – in 2012! I’m sure this was the year that Tomorrow’s World predicted we’d all be swanning around in white jumpsuits while robots did the grungy stuff like running the country and sorting the laundry. My big brother and I used to be glued to that programme. Of course, he has gone on to be a top science boffin – and I didn’t understand a word of it at the time and probably still wouldn’t now, even if it were explained to me by Brian Cox.

Anyway, even if a robot isn’t cleaning my windows for me, something equally amazing has happened already in 2012 – my book, Hot Chocolate, has come out on Kindle. Yes, that’s right, in English. It came out in German in 2010 (because the German publishing company, Ullstein, bought the rights at the Frankfurt book fair and brought out a gorgeous little edition which, sadly, I couldn’t read) but now it’s in sturdy old English, with a cover designed by the lovely Andy, who sorts out my blog. I must say, I do think it looks rather fab. And, of course, it’s all about chocolate and love, two of my favourite subjects and, I hope, yours too.

Due to the sheer wondrousness of Kindle, I was able to put in on sale at the bargainacious price of £2.05, which I am pretty sure is LESS than the price of a hot chocolate at any good cafe, and certainly less than any flat-white-skinny-moccachino that you could purchase in SE21.

And, even if Father Christmas didn’t leave a Kindle in your stocking this year, there are lots of Kindle converters out there which help you download the book from Kindle and then read it on your computer, or print it out. This is one of the many out there:

So you see, there’s no escape, is there, really? You’ll just have to buy it. Go on, you know you want to.


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