My blogging CV

Lovely Tara at Stickyfingers and Jay from Mocha Bean Mummy spent a day last summer trying to stop a bunch of mummy bloggers giggling for long enough to make a calendar. Now they’ve asked us to run through our blogging CV if we want a copy. Well, I do want a copy, though I’m pretty sure I won’t be looking my best, because it will be a lovely souvenir of one of the best bits of blogging – meeting kindred spirits. So here’s my resume.

I started my blog, in mid-divorce, as a sort of therapy. It was an outlet – for my own frustrations at the ridiculously aggressive divorce laws we have in this country and, I hoped, it would also be a potential resource for anyone else going through the same thing. Now, six years down the line, it’s become so much more. Of course I still have the odd rant about the difficulties of separation, blending and reintegration – but mostly my blog has become a description of everyday life for a family which is sometimes two, sometimes four and sometimes six-strong, depending on who’s where and what’s going on. A friend came round last night, had a look around, and said, ‘what you need is a really, really big wall chart.’

What I really really need is someone to direct the traffic. But oops, that’s me. It’s not easy, but I think, dear reader, I may, just may, be getting better at it.

Meanwhile, I also use my blog as a platform for my writing. Sometimes I try out other styles or personae, sometimes I just shamelessly flog my wares. And that’s what I am going to do now as – woooohoooo – my first novel, Hot Chocolate, has just come out on Kindle. It costs £2.25, or probably less than the price of a hot chocolate at Starbucks (I tried to check but couldn’t find the prices, sorry) and it’s a lot less fattening. If you do buy it – and there’s no pressure, *ahem* – and you have a minute to spare, it would be wonderful if you could give me a review.

Now then, what photo shall I choose? Tara and Jay want a picture of my blogging inspiration. I can’t use the children, who are really my inspiration, so I’ll pick this picture, which is actually one of Tara’s. It’s a beautiful woodland scene which I use as my screensaver in my study, at the heart of my lovely new home.



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