It’s murder

I know I’ve said this before, but we rarely find anything to watch on telly in the evenings which doesn’t involve a woman being murdered. Either the drama comes from the behind-the-cushion terror that some maniac is on the loose, cutting up women …. or it comes from someone in a white coat, cutting up women to catch the maniac.

When I woke up at 4.30 am this morning with a dark figure looming over me, my first action was to run from the bed. All right, it was just TL drinking my glass of water, but it wasn’t a great way to wake up. Would I be so jumpy if I wasn’t watching women being diced and sliced every evening? I’m sure I still wouldn’t be thrilled about being woken up at 4.30 am whatever the circumstances – you’ll know, if you’ve tried it, that it’s pretty well impossible to get back to sleep at that time – but it might be a less scary experience.

Is there anything else on worth watching? Yes, there’s the blissful Downton Abbey, but sadly this isn’t on every night of the week (why not? why not??). And, strangely, the rest of my family have a very low tolerance for what we call ‘Bonnet shows.’ I tried to get Child Two interested in the House of Elliot the other day but came up against two obstacles. First, it was total and utter rubbish. And second, it was the only episode ever made where they talked about ‘doing it.’ Honestly, House of Elliot! Surely sex shouldn’t be intruding into a bonnet show, unless it’s in a sumptuous, strangled-passions, velvet-gowns, Downton sort of way. I felt so let down.

If anyone’s watching anything good out there that doesn’t involve murder or too many bonnets, please, please tell me. But obviously nothing sporty, either. Thank you!

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