Review time

Right, quite a lot of bits and bobs to review this month, so let’s be nice and brisk.

First, the fantastic Articulate Gallery picture frame, from the Great Little Trading Company. Whovever thought of this is a total and utter genius. If you’re wondering how to display your children’s precious artwork, before it is filed in the bin kept forever for posterity in your extensive archive, then this is for you. It couldn’t be simpler. It’s a white A4 sized frame, open at the top, which you simply slide the precious object into. Everything instantly looks better in a frame, so no matter how, erm, experimental your little Jackson Pollack is, this immediately makes their efforts look tidy, polished and positively saleable! Our only problem is that we have four children and only three slots in our frame. But, as it happens, Child One says she is too busy doing art GCSE to draw anything. Yes, I know, teenagers.

Next, another big success, Walkers Sunbites. These are a healthier alternative to crisps, made with a high proportion of wholewheat. Now ‘healthy’ and ‘snack’ in the same sentence would normally have my children running for cover. But, this time, despite the promise of no artificial flavours, and the lower fat content due to the cooking method, these were pronounced delicious. The lightly salted and sour cream and onion flavours came out on top for us.


And I also wanted to mention Word Up! A new children’s literary and art festival being held in the epicentre of the universe, Dulwich, at half term. Here are the details: Saturday 22 October to Monday 24 October. The festival will take place in the RIBA award winning, 350-seat theatre space and site of Alleyn’s School, Dulwich. The line up is an amazing mix of some of the UK’s best children’s authors. Michael Morpurgo, Jacqueline Wilson, Andy Stanton (Mr Gum), Simon Bartram (Bob The Man on the Moon), Francesca Simon (Horrid Henry), Tim Bowler, Meg Rosoff, John Hegley are all confirmed along with many other storytellers, poets, illustrators and high quality craft events and arts workshops for 0-11 year olds.
Other highlights include kids’ family workshops with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, comedy for kids, interactive storytelling and hip hop disco for the under 5s.

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