It’s Review Time: Oykos

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A lovely treat today when the doorbell rings and a delivery man hands over this little basket of deliciousness:

Oykos bundle of loveliness
Oykos bundle of loveliness

As well as the special new Whip ‘n’ Mix Oykos yoghurt pots, with blueberry sauce in a separate little corner pot, there was a pair of blindingly white towelling slippers from the White Company, a lovely pot of body butter from my total faves the Santuary, a blueberry-scented room diffuser from Bolsius and one of those clever lip balms from Eos, that I’ve wanted for ages.


It was the middle of quite a busy working day so I couldn’t throw off all my clothes, snuggle into a dressing gown, pop on my pristine slippers and spend the rest of the day sipping yoghurt from a silver spoon, though every instinct was screaming to do just that. I did the next best thing, though, and got my blueberry diffuser going, and waited for a child to come home from school to test the yoghurt on (I am still sugar free).

The first one through the door was Child 3, now 11 and waiting to go to Big School in September. She is a discerning yoghurteer and turns her nose up at a lot of the stuff I buy, but she absolutely loved the Oykos. I don’t know whether it was having the freedom to spoon the exact quantity of blueberry compote she wanted or whether she was just mad keen on the whipped texture of the yoghurt itself, but the whole pot had vanished in an instant.

It was equally popular with Child 4 (9) and of course I was more than delighted to hoover up all the pampering extras. It’s hard work watching other people eating yoghurt. Thank you, Oykos.


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