It’s review time

Thanks to lovely Ben Shaws, who have lavished us with fizzy drinks this month. When they asked me to try them out, I remembered having seen the name in my youth. Turns out that even my grandmother could have been slurping back some of their flavours, as they’ve been carbonating away for 140 years. The drinks arrived together with a nice ┬ájute bag, some balloons and some badges. We tried Cloudy Lemonade, Bitter Shandy, Cream Soda and Dandelion and Burdock. I’m afraid the Dandelion tasted like liquorice to us and we are not a liquorice family. Cream Soda was incredibly sweet, good for the younger members. I gave the Bitter Shandy to TL and haven’t heard back – I’m taking that for wild approval. We all loved the Cloudy Lemonade, great on hot days, not that we’ve really had any yet though …..

I have a family ticket for the London Dungeon to give away. It’s for two adults and two children, and should scare your little ones so much they’ll be delighted to go back to school! What could be better? Just drop me a comment and they’re yours.

Also, I have been nominated for this year’s Gurgle awards! In the best writer category!! Obviously I am very excited, especially as the other writers are all great blogs that I absolutely love. I was very surprised to be included. If you have a moment and are feeling kind, do pop over and vote for me here. Wow, that is shameless – but if you don’t ask ….

And while I am puffing away at my trumpet, how about having a look at the Tesco Real Food Blog? Yes, it’s little me with a recipe for ice cream. It’s absolutely foolproof (well, look at the fool who invented it!) and delicious too ….

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