Johnny B Good

I was going to do a really serious post today, about politics* and everything – but then I got an email in my inbox which has completely sorted out my priorities. It was from my very dear friend Johnny Boden, saying the sale is now on. He’s not actually a friend, of course – we’ve never met – but I’ve bought him several holiday homes over the years and am currently financing his children’s school fees with my purchases, so I feel that, spiritually, we are like that.

I shall spend the rest of the day weighing up the relative merits of the velvet-tipped scoop neck versus the shiny patent boots …..sigh, it’s soooo tough being a working-from-home mum with several pressing deadlines and a book to write.

It’s up to 50 per cent off!! Don’t say I didn’t tell you ……

And by the way, the panto competition is extended until 11th December.


* This is a total lie

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