Round Robin

I popped over to Lulu’s blog this morning at Family Affairs, and read her views on Round Robins. Gosh, she’s had a year. I’m not going to write my own as, like Rosie Scribble, I only say what I can. I sometimes feel I am fenced around with barbed wire, my own as well as other people’s. I have, however, had a long-held ambition to concoct my own antidote to the Round Robin – the Skinny Minny, perhaps? – with all the information your friends don’t include in their cheery Yuletide bulletins and it seems to me that now is the time to unleash it:

Dearest Insert Name,

Well, what a year it’s been! Belinda has done outstandingly well, getting off on a glittering array of charges, including aggravated burglary and assault, all thanks to our splendid new lawyer – well done!  We’re really proud that she’s got nearly 200 hours of that boring old community service under her belt already!  Sweet sixteen indeed.

Meanwhile, we’ve heard a lot of good reports of Tom, who is living under a nearby bridge. Apparently he’s selling some really good sh*t at the moment. We’re hoping he’ll be back when his cardboard box springs a leak. We’re certainly glad we paid for those bassoon lessons, let me tell you!

David’s thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of swearing a lot at the TV in the afternoons, since parting company with his investment bank, and I’ve been loving my new evening job, during the course of which I’ve updated my wardrobe somewhat – who knew red fishnets were so becoming? – and met a vast number of interesting johns chaps.

Sadly we won’t be skiing in Val d’Isere this spring – David says we’re on enough of a slippery slope already and Tom feels he can get better powder in Tooting – whatever that means.

Looking forward to hearing all your news soon!

Skinny x


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