Let there be light

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OK, OK, we might as well just face it. It’s autumn. It’s raining. The weather is doing everything it can to remind us that we’ve made the odd choice to live in the UK and therefore must learn to put up with whatever comes our way. But we can do things to cheer ourselves up, can’t we? We can make crumbles, we can sit by the fireside, we can eat cake ….. and, if you don’t want to put on a stone before Christmas, you can get yourself a scented candle.

To me, a scented candle is a little bit of luxury that you can treat yourself to every day. I know that the appeal is completely mysterious to men, but all my female friends have a similar soft spot for candles. Maybe it’s the gently flickering light they give off, maybe the perfume, but they make a house seem more homely and make an evening romantic and sensual – even if you’re just watching the X Factor on catch-up with an Indian takeaway.

So I was excited to see that my favourite scented candle make, Yankee Candle, now do sophisticated new candle shapes. Back in the day, they just came in a jar, rather like one you’d find in an old-fashioned sweetshop. Lovely, of course, but … chunky. Now, they have Pure Radiance and Decor ranges which look a lot more modern and sleek. I’m looking forward to finding out whether the scent is still as strong without a lid to contain it. And, if you are still trying to convince the male in your life that there is a point to all this, you could try their Man Candle range. They even have one called ‘Mmmm, Bacon’. I’m not kidding. It must be good because it’s currently out of stock.

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