Listing badly

It’s full-on headless chicken mode now as Christmas looms ever larger and my to-do lists are …. still unwritten. For someone who spends so much time writing, I am curiously averse to putting pen to paper when it comes to chores. Part of this stems from my old belief that I can easily store such info in my head. Wrong! There are countless times now when there has been ample proof that I can’t remember two consecutive items any more, but will I write them down? Probably not. And will I take them out shopping with me if I do¬†commit them to paper? Definitely not.

I’m not sure how I deal with this recalcitrant inner toddler. I can’t even pretend that I don’t have any paper or anything to write with at hand. I have a pile of old newspapers on the table in front of me that I could easily scrawl all over, and there’s always a biro somewhere from doing the crossword. I even have this lovely planner/diary/to do list folder given to me by sweet Child One:



Beautiful, isn’t it? And pristine. Sigh.

I must, must, must¬†start writing lists. I tell you what, I’ll put it at the absolute top of my to-do list.

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