Make mine a mojito

It’s the hottest day of the year here and of course, being Britain, this immediately becomes a crisis. The trains are running slow and there are people collapsing at Wimbledon left right and centre court (and not just the British seeds). What better day to bring you a delectable, thirst-quenching Moijto, courtesy of Once you’ve had a couple of these, you won’t feel the heat – and you certainly won’t care about it.

This is the kit they very kindly sent me:

Lovely box of goodies
Lovely box of goodies

Everything you need for a delicious mojito – right down to the lime and mint. So let’s get cracking. Here’s the recipe:


  • 50ml.
    Captain Morgan® White Rum
  • 1dash(es)
    Soda Water
  • 2tsp
    Caster Sugar
  • 2wedge(s)
    Lime Wedge
  • 1sprig(s)
    Mint Sprig
  • 1.9 units of alcohol per serve 


‘Muddle’ sugar and lime wedges together in a glass – apparently this just means press down on 2 wedges of lime and 2 teaspoons of caster sugar in a tankard or jar using a large spoon or pestle to extract flavour. But muddle sounds very professional, doesn’t it?

So, now muddle mint – pick 12 leaves from a sprig of mint and place in the glass. Press down gently on the mint, together with the sugar and lime.

Add crushed ice so the glass is ¾ full. Pour in Captain Morgan® White Rum and a dash of soda water. Top up with more ice  and garnish with a sprig of mint.

And ……. enjoy! I do love a mojito. They remind me of lovely times like my trip to Disney World Florida with my fab blogger friends, and a whole series of holidays ….. there’s nothing like a mojito to help the good times flash before your eyes.

Mine's a mojito
Mine’s a mojito


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