Meet my fake teapot

And now, for the lovely English Mum, and anyone else with a passionate interest in teapots/scams/the concept of caveat emptor, I present a series of photos of my dodgy teapot, contrasted with the genuine article. Prepare to be (mildly) outraged.

Blurry printing on side of pot
More blurs plus random orange splodge
Fake makers' mark saying 'Stindia' instead of 'Ostindia'
Pale blue fake lid, with off-centre printing running into brown edging

And now, some photos of the genuine article. These are close-ups of a coffee pot I bought on good old English eBay, which doesn’t sell fakes and will actually give you a refund if you are ripped off. Not that I’m bitter. Much.

Genuine lid, dark blue, clear and even printing not running into brown line
Genuine makers' mark, saying "Ostindia'
Genuine coffeepot lid next to fake teapot lid
Genuine coffeepot nose-to-nose with the fake teapot

And, last but not least, a photo of a genuine Ostindia teapot. It’s not mine, alas:

The genuine article. Sniff

Ok, ok, I know my teapot is roughly the same colour, and it’s definitely the same shape, and it’s still pretty much as cute as a genuine teapot. And nobody died, and it really doesn’t matter one single jot. But it is a fake, and I paid for the real thing.

I’ll stop going on about it now. Really. I promise.

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