Storm in a teapot

For all those of you sweet enough to worry long into the night (don’t deny it, I know you have) over my Swedish Teapot Situation, here’s an update.

Tradera, the Swedish version of eBay, sent me a very pleasant email, sympathising with my situation and suggesting that I contact the seller.

Doh! As I had exchanged upwards of 16 increasingly grumpy emails with the seller at this point, I was not particularly impressed. Tradera also said they could not get involved, as this was a private deal. Altogether, I thought this was a bit hopeless. In the UK, it is illegal to sell fake merchandise, particularly when it has been marketed as genuine, as my teapot had been.

But there we go. In the end, I had a strong feeling that, even if I were to send the teapot back to the perfidious seller, she would say it had met with a sad accident en route and I would be without compensation or teapot, and would have paid the postage charges to Sweden twice – and that, alone, is the price of many, many teapots.

So I’ve decided to cut my losses and enjoy the teapot for what it is. It’s really quite a nice little teapot. And I’m getting rather fond of it. Erm, anyone want to buy a jolly little blue and white teapot, one – no, two – careful lady owners? No? Thought not. Meanwhile, many thanks to the very nice Swedish commenter who suggested some Swedish websites which might have Ostindia pieces. I haven’t found any yet, but I’m looking 🙂

And another update, while we’re at it. Poor old Birgitte in Borgen is getting divorced. Not nice, as I know full well. I can’t really understand why she doesn’t just jack in the political career, put on a pinny and do her best to drag her husband away from the mysterious Sacha. But I suppose endless shots of her weeping into the washing up wouldn’t get such good ratings. Ah well, maybe she’ll meet a dashing new suitor in the next series. I hope so. She deserves it.

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