Oykos Pina Coco Paradise

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Ironically, I’m writing about the perfect summer yoghurt on a day when it’s grey, windy and rainy outside and I am sitting here wearing a jumper and seriously contemplating wrapping a scarf around myself too. But when we tested Oykos’s new Pina Coco Paradise yogs at the weekend, it was beautifully sunny and they seemed like just the right finishing touch after a barbecue in the garden.

We were all sitting around the kitchen table again by the time pudding was organised. I was hoping that this looked reasonably healthy for the photos – lots of yummy fruit and yoghurt – but I see that a giant sized Toblerone bar has somehow sneaked into the frame. Can’t explain that at all.

As you’ll see, my usual tester, Child Two, was absent from her post so I had to draft in some other major Greek yoghurt fans. Luckily, both of them were very complimentary about Oykos’s new concoction. Summery fruit, smooth tangy yoghurt, what’s not to love?

I was amused to note that my junior tester spent some time stirring the carefully separate fruit layer into the yoghurt, but each to their own.

Thank you, Oykos, and I hope these become permanent additions to the range.

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