Picture Perfect Meme

About 400 years ago, my splendiferous friend Linda from You’ve Got Your Hands Full and Have A Lovely Time tagged me with the Picture Perfect Meme. The idea was to get your child to draw you, with – almost always – hilarious results. Then, 399 years ago, Tara from Sticky Fingers mentioned it too. Since then, Little Mummy got involved and put a whole collection of gorgeous responses on YouTube.

The feature film will probably come out soon, and no doubt there’ll be a T shirt too.

In the meantime, what have I done?

Well, I got as far as selecting a lovely picture, done by Child Two when she was about 8 and then …..I forgot all about the whole thing ……then I looked for the picture vaguely ….then I saw the collection on YouTube and thought, oh poo! Then I looked again for the picture ….then I had to make supper/drive Child One to piano/take Child Two to ballet/argue with True Love and do umpteen other routine things …..

Then today, I thought I’d have a real, true, proper hunt for the picture while everyone’s out and I’m on my own. And it’s official, I’ve lost Child Two’s picture, probably the most flattering drawing of me ever done (which is, of course,  why, in my shallow-as-a-puddle way, I wanted to use it!).

Poo! Have I kicked myself enough yet? Ow! That’s probably enough now. But grr. Just grrr. Grrrr.

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