Red carpet

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As you all know, I’m not much of a shopper. Ahem. Could you stop laughing at the back there, please? I can hear you, you know. Obviously I do have a slight, passing interest in clothing – one has to throw something on one’s back, after all – and sometimes it is my duty to try and scrub up when the occasion demands. I see it as something of a sacred duty, you see. And I have just such an outing looming. Lovely Tesco Magazine has asked me along to its Mum of the Year 2011 awards and I’m told there will be a red carpet.

Now red brings some people out in hives. But I’m afraid it brings me out in sequins. So, although I realise that the main point of the Awards is to honour some exceptional mothers (you can vote until tomorrow on for one of three inspirational women) I’m afraid I’m now all of a twitter over that perennial question …..

What am I going to wear?

It’s a tricky one. There are a few rags around in Divorce Towers which, on a normal night, I might consider stepping out in. But for a red carpet do? Oooh, I don’t think so. It’s got to be something special.

Thank goodness for I’m not quite sure how I heard of them – I just started receiving their emails. It’s a brilliantly simple idea. They bring together the best of boutiques, under one virtual roof. There are three fashion categories – luxe, for high-end luxury clothing brands, lab for experimental looks and cult, for edgy coolness. You can guess which velvet-lined, elegant yet understated category I fall into. And they’re not just bringing together London shops, which would be public-spirited enough for those of us who have to stagger round them. They have also combed New York, Paris, Antwerp, Copenhagen …. you name the city, its hottest bits and bobs have been plundered and are on offer on line. But it’s not all designer clothing. They even do homewares, I was intrigued to see, all the way from a vintage Chanel bottle holder, which would set you back £1750, to an Artim hand painted candle in a pot, for all of seven quid.

Oh, it’s a very tough job indeed, but I will just have to sit here all day long and browse until I’ve found the perfect frock. And the perfect shoes as well. Wish me luck.

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