Review time

This month I’ve really been spoiled rotten. Darlings, you shouldn’t have – but I’m so glad you did. First it was the lovely Green & Black’s, sending me a box of chocolate bars, including my utter favourite, Butterscotch. Well, Butterscotch, I’m sorry but you now have a rival for my affections, the rich, smooth and delectable Raisin and Hazlenut, nom nom nom. Quite swept me off my feet. Plus a big jar of hot chocolate mix! I now can’t wait for cold, rainy nights so we can all snuggle up with warm mugs of this nectar.

Next the totally adorable Interflora rang my bell last week with a vast bouquet of flowers. There was a little card with a note saying, ‘we love your blog and we’ve designed this bouquet in your blog colours.’ Awwwww! My heart melted into a big splashy puddle on the floor. And the flowers are really stunning and have lasted really well. I won’t tell you about my efforts to transfer them from their clever cellophane packaging into a vase, which also resulted in big splashy puddles on the floor – all my own fault. Who’d have thought if you cut a hole in a bag full of water it would come out all over you? D’oh. All I can say is that Interflora, which I had remembered as a purveyor of slightly dodgy carnations, has now blossomed into a top notch florist. My velvety red roses, gerberas and hydrangeas were absolutely beautiful, as you can see.

A big thank you to Jeep, who are veering away from funky, sporty man bags into back-to-school territory. We agreed to test this seismic move but nearly had a crisis at the outset, when one bag only was delivered and two teenage bottom lips started to quiver. But, due to my quick thinking, I was able to sweep in and steal the bag from right under my dear daughters’ noses and co-opt it into service to transport my spanking new iPad to and from the car. It’s not a long journey, admittedly, but it is now accomplished in great style. I’m not sure it totally lives up to Jeep’s slogan, emblazoned on the bag, ‘Live without Limits,’ – but it’s as near as we get to it at Divorce Towers.

And lastly, but not leastly, a massive thank you to Tights Please, who have become, quite simply, my saviours. I can’t tell you how many times in the past I have awoken from my graceful slumbers to the blood-curdling cry of ‘who’s stolen my tights?’ Obviously a tights thief has been working the mean streets of Dulwich. That tights thief is no more, though, thanks to Tightsplease. Everyone has tights aplenty, and what’s more, they don’t seem to ladder half as much as the bog-standard ones I used to fling in the supermarket trolley. We are currently trying out these lovely opaques. I’ve gone for classic brown (of course) while the girls are frolicking in purple. So far, so soft and so durable. Perfect – and a lot more peaceful.

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