Review time

We’ve been sent a few classics this month to be put through the rufty-tufty Divorce Towers product testing procedure:

1 Vosene’s new range of head lice repellent conditioning shampoo and detangling spray. While I can’t pretend this kit was high on mummy-pleasing glamour, it was extremely useful to ward off the legions of head lice beasties which seem to be swarming around Dulwich at the moment. Plus it actually smelt very nice and I liked the green packaging. The website is fun for kids, too.

2 Fitvits Gummy Bears – wow, these were super delicious and went down a storm with all of us. While a large part of me disapproves of disguising vitamin pills as sweets, I couldn’t argue with the evidence that they were yummy. They come in a little bag, like those titchy sachets of Haribos, and, as they say on the carton, are ‘ideal for lunch boxes’. You can get either bears -containing multivitamins – or sharks – with added Omega 3. Not cheap at £6.99 for a month’s supply, but at least you can be sure that your children will no longer be spitting their vitamin pills out in the sink when you’re not looking. Ahem.

3. DVD set of Cats and Dogs and Cats and Dogs 2. What a treat to be sent this double DVD set! We considered ourselves hugely lucky to be invited to the premiere of CAD2, The Revenge of Kitty Galore, this summer, and had a fantastic time posing on the red carpet with all the top dogs. Now the film is out on DVD and has been paired up with its kennel-mate, the first installment of the Cats and Dogs saga. This is such a good pressie that I may have to hide it away and bring it out with a huge flourish on Christmas Day.

4. Gelli Baff Gift Set – £9.99  Gelli Baff is amazing stuff which transforms water into a gloopy goo and back again. Run a bath, or fill the paddling pool with water, and poor in the Gelli Baff mixture. After 5 minutes, all the water will have turned into goo. Once your children have finished playing in the goo, poor in the special goo-water mixture and the goo will disappear, leaving only water left – it’s magic! The gift set contains 2x colour changing packs of Gelli Baff and 1 x Bubble Baff. It’s suitable for children over 5 years, or 40-something divorcees.

5. On a slightly different subject, for anyone who is worried about the massive threatened hike in student fees (and that’s the whole of Dulwich, a lot of heads have turned grey recently) have a look at this fantastic timeline  which some very clever person has created, exposing the sheer ridiculousness of the whole debacle. What on earth are the Lib Dems playing at? I used to think they were well-meaning, if ineffectual. They now come across as desperate, needy and willing to sell themselves and anyone else down the river to cling on to power. Tut tut and all power to the students!

6. ….and can I just say that those very clever folk at Next have devised a way to make the rundown to Christmas a little bit more fun and festive this year, incorporating their logo into the twelve days of Christmas …. here is their gorgeous partridge and a pear tree:

Makes you feel all Christmassy, doesn’t it? Of course, the shop is stacked with ways to take the agony out of buying for everyone in the family, and you can do it all online too. Give it a whirl.

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