Review time

This month we’ve been really lucky and had lots of lovely goodies to try out. My favourite has been Fade Out day cream. As my friends know, I have an almost pathological hatred of getting sunburnt, and at the first faint glimmer of English sunlight I break out the factor 50. One tiny bit of my face, however, has developed a sun spot – on my nose, just above where my sunglasses sit. I think I must have been missing this bit for years when sloshing on the suncream. I’ve had the Fade Out for two weeks now and I would definitely say the sun spot is less noticeable. I quite like the pasty texture of the cream, too, and it gives a nice matt effect. Excellent!

We were also sent the Ila Dusk personal alarm to put through its paces. I must confess, though, that at the moment none of the ladies of the house (apart from Mme Bovary) ever go out alone at night. I ought to test the alarm by pulling out the chain – but apparently it makes a 130 decibel wail and I hate loud noises! So I’ll just say that it is rather attractive, a small metal lozenge about three inches long, and has a picture of a lady on it with a twinkle in her eye! I suppose I might have a twinkle, too, if I had a secret yell of 130 decibels to unleash.

Lovely Tilda sent us some of their stir fry rices – I tried the Thai Green Rice and the Peking Rice. Both were really yummy. You just heat in a pan or wok, and add a little chicken, duck or vegetables. I’ve actually since bought more of the Thai Green Rice variety, so it must be good.

We’ve also been sent some lovely tights to try out from Tights Please – some ballet tights and some school ones. When the girls get back from their holiday with Mr X, we’ll be putting them to the test. I’m really hoping these will last – the girls seem to eat school tights!

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