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I don’t know whether it’s intentional, but all TL’s suggestions for presents I could get him are things I really don’t want to buy him. Like a record turntable. These, as you know, ladies, are enormous great wodges of ugly plastic which collect dust when not belting out horrible, scratched old records. If I’d wanted to play a bunch of horrible, scratched old records, I would have brought my own festering collection along when I split up with Mr X. But I decided to be generous, and gift the lot to my former husband (particularly as he didn’t have or want a record player). Now, alas, TL has found a fascinating shop down in Greenwich somewhere where he can peruse vinyl that he definitely wouldn’t have shown an interest in when it was new and hygienic. Sigh. He also wants me to buy him books. Well, I’ve bought him books for every birthday and Christmas for years now and how many has he actually read? Not one. Even when he has particularly asked for a book, if I buy it for him, I can guarantee it will gather dust under the bed. Of course the fabulous shop in Greenwich also boasts a line of nasty dog-eared old spy paperbacks, which he is devouring. Huh.

Anyway, I’ve finally seen something which, miraculously, he would love and which I wouldn’t mind buying him. If you take a look at this Hot Wheels video, you’ll see what it’s all about:

How adorable is that? Of course, we’d have to say we bought it all for Child Four who, at seven, is the perfect official age for Hot Wheels. But we all know 49 is the real optimum moment for such delights. Enjoy!

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