Sugar, spice and Panto Karaoke

Interesting to see that Lord Sugar (what a shame we can’t call him Surrallan any more) is having a spat with Piers Morgan and Chris Evans on Twitter. It just shows that even apparent grownups, or in this triumvirate’s case, close equivalents, lose all sense of proportion when they have a whole 140 characters to tweet with. I would have said these twaddicts were three of the most unappealing men in Britain, if I had not got a bit fond of his lordship while watching the Apprentice. He’s like the nation’s grumpy old dad, except instead of grumbling at the world from a comfy chairy by the telly, he’s actually grumbling from a comfy chair on the telly. Mind you, I think he made a mistake firing the girl with the lovely silky hair instead of the 21-year-old puppy dog the other night. Two friends have got puppies recently and are finding it pretty tiring. I imagine Lord S is going to find all that housetraining a real pain.

Lord S, Piers and Chris Evans would, now I come to think of it, make perfect additions to any pantomime. Sugar is a natural in the role of Widow Twanky, Piers would no doubt see himself in the short shorts and tight tights of Prince Charming (usually played by a girl of course …but still) and cocky Evans is a definite Buttons. Talking of pantomimes makes me think of my lovely friend Mrs Lister, who is helping lovely Robinsons with their great idea for Panto Karaoke . Those sweeties at Robinsons were going to donate £10 to Barnados if I did my own Karaoke with the girls, but I’ve decided to spare the nation that sight (partly as I don’t have a webcam, partly because I’m pretty sure the girls are waaaaaay too cool to take part and partly as I’ve only just got over my last video appearance for Galaxy). I’m going to make a donation of my own instead to make up for it. All those of you with children below the age of self-consciousness, though, head on over because the site is great fun. You can send your little dears’ karaoke to all your friends and relatives as an unforgettable eCard with a massive built in ahhhh-factor as well.

And, with all this thigh-slapping talk of pantos, let’s not forget Christmas is the Next big thing. Today’s offering is a £300 gift card, so click on over for your chance to win. Here’s the third day of Christmas picture for you:

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