This week lovely Tara’s Gallery theme is White. I did think I could go a bit oblique on this, and sidestep the obvious snowy picture – but then I thought, nah. I’m just not in a clever mood, snow is beautiful and fleeting and, more importantly, I actually have quite a good picture to use. It’s of the playground opposite the Horniman Museum, all frosted over, and I like the fact that the sky is as blanched and pale as the snow. The picture is at a slightly crazy angle as I took it from the car. Oh yes, I really go all out for that perfect shot. At least I did actually wind the window down, and very cccccold it was too.

If you don’t know the Horniman, it’s well worth a visit – it was set up by a local benefactor to be free in perpetuity, and has an amazing collection of odd artefacts, including a stuffed hippo or walrus or something big, fat and brown which I remember goggling at as a child, which is still there and looking pretty much the same forty-mumble years on. I must ask it what moisturiser it uses.  

The Horniman is an incredibly family-friendly place with a lovely acquarium, good cafe and gift shop which is full of interesting African bits and bobs. The snowy playground in my picture is great, too, and features a huge helicopter climbing frame. Naturally I managed not to get that in my shot. Well, you can’t have everything. Or you certainly can’t  in my photos, anyway.

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