Sweet dreams

If there were a magic wand that would get children to sleep, we’d all have waved it at some point. Sleep can sometimes seem more elusive than any Holy Grail. I remember times when I have literally prayed for the little dears to drop off – and I’m pretty much an atheist. Nowadays I have more trouble getting my children out of bed – they could definitely sleep for Britain in the next Olympics, but I still sympathise thoroughly with all those heavy-lidded parents out there.

So, for anyone who’s currently having troubles getting their children down, here’s a  giveaway – I have a copy of Helen Ford’s book from Forever Friends, entitled Night Night Sweet Dreams, to win. Just leave a comment and I’ll get the girls to draw a lucky winner in a week’s time.

In the meantime, you can watch sleep expert and child psychologist, Chireal Shallow (what a fabulous name!) giving some tips and words of wisdom here:  vqlLG39O9Uo

Nighty night!

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