Swings and roundabouts

Well, my new cooker was delivered yesterday. After three months of cooking on a curious heated box which the Young Ones would have turned their noses up at, this was quite an event. Unfortunately, we can’t unpack it as painting is still going on downstairs in The Dungeon, or the new kitchen as it will eventually become known, and we didn’t want the cooker speckled before it had even seen the business end of a saucepan. But still, I did pop down a few times to stroke it. Unfortunately, the very charming delivery men omitted to mention that they had cracked one of the York stone steps right through while posting the cooker down the stairs. Ho hum. I can feel a billion calls to the cooker company coming on ….

And finally I have a date for the repair of my car, five months after it was keyed by teenagers. Naturally, on the very afternoon I found out we could finally go ahead, I also discovered I had a flat tyre and couldn’t, in fact, go anywhere. The very charming AA man who came to sort it all out, sprayed the inside of the tyre with some stuff called Slime which he assured me that any good tyre place could wash out in a trice and then repair the tyre. He also pointed out an ominous bulge in the front tyre. ‘That could blow at any minute, then you’d lose control of the car and …. pouf!’ This was all eerily reminiscent of the very same ┬átyre blowing out in September and being replaced, after going ‘pouf’. What is it with my tyres and ‘pouf?’

Anyway, off I went to Kwik Fit, who told me firmly that the AA man’s Slime had, in fact, destroyed the inside of my tyre and they would not repair it under any circumstances. Well, thanks for that, AA. So two new tyres later, I will now be able to get to the garage and get my repairs done. I feel like Cinderella finally going to the ball. And I’m determined not to go ‘pouf’.

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