Evening All

I’d hoped to have some news for you by now about our horrible robbery. Hell, I hoped I’d have some news for me. But unfortunately the wheels of justice turn slowly. I suppose it’s just as well – no one wants any mistakes to be made. It’s not letting too many cats out of too many …

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Bridges to cross

I’ve been thinking a lot about competition, or competitiveness, of late. This is partly because I’ve embraced the inevitable and joined a bridge club, and partly because our beloved cat, Blackjack, keeps getting into fearsome fights. You might remember that Blackjack had big trouble a while ago when a neighbourhood bully decided to sink a …

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Cat got your tongue

My garden looks lovely at the moment – in parts. The irises have come out, but anything that needs a bit of sun on its leaves to break out into flower is staying defiantly furled. Not that I blame any of the poor, chilly plants. I am only looking at the garden out of the …

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Childish things

Child Two has the most Lady Bracknellesque expression of outrage on her gorgeous little teenage face. ‘I can’t believe you can get a Sylvanian chimp family now. In my day, the brown rabbit family was exotic!’ she sniffs. I love the fact that she’s peeved that the Sylvanians have moved on, even while she’s been …

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I had a dream ….. unfortunately it wasn’t about racial harmony, a solution to the economic crisis, world peace, or, well, anything remotely serious at all. Of course not. I’m deeply shallow. It was about pets. The star of my subconscious show was a rabbit. Well, two rabbits, actually. Child Two, who has always been mad …

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Christmas all wrapped up?

You’re probably struggling with your Christmas wrapping now, as I am. Well, have a little look at this video, and give thanks every time you have a nice easy book to smother in reindeer paper …..     And maybe don’t try this at home?!  

Life of Riley

Well, here we are in week two of the half term and I have descended into full teenage behaviour patterns, getting up at 12, slopping around in my dressing gown, and complaining when asked to do anything. Meanwhile, Child One is revising night and day for her dreaded GCSEs and Child Two is getting on …

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Well thank goodness, just as it all starts to get serious and I need to buckle down to some serious writing, I get a new excuse. He is nine weeks old and his name is Bingo:   All right, all right, I know it’s not the world’s best photo, but lovely Bingo gives me an …

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