The birthday girl

Well, it’s impossible but it’s true. Child One is going to turn 18 over the half term holiday.

How did this happen?

One minute she was a little tiny baby in a ‘Goodnight Mr Moon’ babygro, now she is a beautiful young lady in Uggs. We don’t always agree. When she was 18 months old, I bought her a gorgeous turquoise coat from John Lewis. She hated it. Every time I tried to get it on her, she’d scream the place down. In the end, our ears couldn’t take it any more and Mr X took it back to the shop. I know how she felt about the coat – I feel the same aesthetic pain when I see her Uggs. But she loves them and they are super-glued to her feet.

She has always had a very strong will. And she has always known exactly what she wanted. It didn’t make her an easy toddler, but it’s certainly stood her in good stead now she’s approaching grown-up-dom. I hope she’ll always apply that determination and focus in life. She truly is an irresistible force. Or an immovable object, depending where you stand!

Happy birthday, bright, bubbly and beautiful Child One.

Happy birthday Child One


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