It’s Review Time


So my lovelies, a quick round-up of some of the delights that I’ve been asked to test run on your behalf this month. And, as it’s Halloween quite soon, I have a truly spooktacular selection for you ….


Who can resist Haribo? My girls, though now virtually grown up (alas) still list their visit to the Haribo factory in France as one of the most exciting days of their lives, not least because there was a grumpy lady at the gift shop whom they took it turns to distract, so they could snaffle more and more free samples ….. I hasten to say this was not on my watch and I heartily disapprove of such Artful Dodgery behaviour and, were I to go to Cadburyworld, for instance, I wouldn’t dream of doing the same for an instant ….

Anyway, lovely Haribo always pull out every single stop for Halloween and this year’s collection is particularly spine-tingling. The dayglo orange Trick or Treat bucket is scary enough by itself, but when you add in a whole bunch of ghosts, bones, ghouls and whatnots, lovingly fashioned out of Haribo’s trademark rubbery-but-yummy candy, then you’re soooo onto a Halloween winner. Anyone ringing our doorbell will be in luck – as long as they get there early.

Spooktacular sweeties from Haribo

Yankee Candle

Still on the Halloween theme, those clever bods at Yankee Candle have come up with a special Witches’ Brew candle, in darkest black, with sinister-looking depths and plenty of sparkle. This will really help with the atmosphere as we eat our traditional Halloween supper of Flesh and Blood (spaghetti with tomato sauce) before going out to knock on doors. I do adore Yankee Candles, not least because they always have great air-tight lids that you can bang on to snuff out the candle so you know it’s safe to leave the house – well, as safe as it could be, stepping out into a world of one-night-only witches and ghosties. And, in case you’re worried, the candle does not smell of ancient witches’ socks – in fact, it has a distinct, and rather comforting, whiff of cola about it. But don’t tell the children!

Witches' brew: sniff it out


The perfect antidote to the Halloween mayhem, Untold is Elizabeth Arden’s ravishing new perfume. In a beautiful multi-faceted bottle, the scent is meant to define the indefinable – woman, in all her many-sided glory. It’s a lovely mix of pineapplely, coconutty, heavenliness.Hard to describe but it certainly smells good. And lovely Elizabeth Arden have even had the bottle engraved with my initials. It’s really got my name on it, in every sense. Thank you, Lizzy Arden.

Untold: delicious

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