The Cupcake concordat

pretty cupcakesLaydeeez and gencleplums, may I present Divorce Tower’s entry in the delightful English Mum’s Cupcake Concordat?

As you will see, they are as pink and fluffy and Valentiney as anyone could ever wish:

pretty cupcakes

Delish, n’est-ce pas? I can say that without seeming (too) disgustingly boastful as it was actually Child One, my secret weapon, who made the little artworks with her own fair hand. Here she is in the act of decoration:

cupcake action

And look at the detail on this one:

cupckae close

Of course, I don’t know where she gets this culinary talent from.

No, seriously, I don’t. Because here are my efforts, truffles concocted as a Valentine’s gift for TL. As you can see, they look like an intriguing amalgam between roadkill and turds:



No, seriously, they are. And their rather, shall we say, disreputable appearance, is just my way of keeping small hands off them. Well, that’s my story, anyway.

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