The Greatest Gift

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There’s a rather lovely Christmas campaign from Sainsbury’s this year all about spending time with family, which I heartily approve of, or will do until we all fall out (probably around 10am on the first day when we are all safely gathered in).

Although, of course, it’s a commercial from a company that would dearly love you to buy your turkey from its stores, the message is cute and real and, what’s more, they have produced a very nifty kit for your kids to use to produce their own stop frame animation on the theme. The best thing about it as far as I can see, apart from giving the children some much-needed activity apart from speed-eating their Advent calendars and whining, is that money from every purchase goes to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. As long as I live, I will never get over visiting the chapel at the hospital, ringed with soft toys and messages from parents, either hopeful or heartbroken. Particularly at Christmas, we can all spare a thought for those waiting anxiously there, and for the little ones they love. Time, which is the greatest gift, can fly too fast or hang heavy, as every parent knows.

The Greatest Gift set is in a lovely sturdy box, which cleverly opens out into a set for your stop frame animation. There are press-out characters to use but you could equally fashion your own – who knows, thanks to this present, you could have your own little Nick Parks on your hands. You’ll need to download the free Sainsbury’s app, but once you’ve done that it’s all straightforward. Worth a go, and £2 from every purchase goes to GOSH. This is our own effort:

Sainsbury’s sent me The Greatest Gift set to review but all thoughts on it are my own. 

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