The cat’s WHISKAS this Christmas

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Now that Child One and Child Two are more of a peripatetic presence at home, I spend a lot of time fretting over the cats instead – I suppose I have a space for worrying in my head, which just gets filled by the nearest dependents. If they’re cute, furry, and a bit silly, then they’re all the easier to fuss over. I know it’s ridiculous – cats are supposed to be so low maintenance  – but I hate leaving them on their own and, especially at Christmas, they are always a major part of the festivities.

Nowadays, they are reasonably calm as the tree arrives and the decorations go up. In years gone by, though, the appearance of a large sparkly scratching post covered with cat toys was greeted with rapturous excitement. Pushkin, now a dignified lady of ten, used to wait until the dead of night before attempting to scale the tree like Usain Bolt climbing Everest on a tight deadline. The inevitable result was a huge whumph as the tree hit the deck, followed by the sound of bouncing baubles and, of course, the splintering of precious glass geegaws. Then she would be all like, ‘whaaa? Not me!’ as I staggered around crossly in my dressing gown collecting up the shards. Blackjack, as this picture shows, didn’t even wait for dusk to fall before getting in on the act:



Blackjack is a big boy of five now and has grown out of some of his kittenish ways, but luckily he still doesn’t mind the odd festive pose to help us all get in the mood (apologies for the blurriness, but he’s not always great at sitting for portraits):



This is a better one of him in a more reflective Christmas pose:


Pushka likes to make sure that her Christmas photoshoots have plenty of seasonal accessories around to create atmosphere:


It’s no accident, I needn’t tell you, that she is lying so artistically on a carpet which complements her tortoiseshell colouring. She has one eye on the effect, one eye on her food bowl and, in this case, one eye on the baubles. That’s quite a lot of eyes, but she’s a watchful girl. As you can see from this picture, also taken at Christmas:


We adore our cats, and they are an important part of the family Christmas. I always make sure we’ve got lots of cat food in for the duration, as the shops are often shut at odd times and my two – of course – are very particular. This year, they’ve been really lucky to have been given lovely Christmas stockings from WHISKAS to get them in a festive mood. With any luck it’ll mean the tree is unmolested for once.


This post is a collaboration with WHISKAS but all thoughts are my own. See their website for more information on their cat food and their Youtube channel for fantastic Kitten Kollege videos.


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