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Good news! After writing about my travails sorting out the summer holidays this year, things are finally falling into place. Our relatives have a window in July which we are shimmying into, after which we are going camping (yes, really! Me! I’m shocked too. I’m borrowing a tent from a lovely friend. She assures me the burnt and/or mouldy bits round the edges of the tent don’t impinge on a good night’s sleep at all and I so totally believe her) .

I’m sure it will all be lovely – but it does feel the tiniest bit cobbled together. Well, family holidays, in my experience, always are a bit ramshackle, and that’s definitely part of their charm. The rainy weekend peering out onto the seafront in a rented cottage, the cultural weekend when all the museums are shut …..

And that got me thinking. There must be a better way.

Well, it turns out there is. All you have to do is win this competition from the lovely Radisson Blu
Hotels and you’ll get 365 hotel nights to spend at over 200+ Radisson Blu  hotels over a 5 year period! Just tell Radisson why you deserve to win the greatest holiday in the world. If you’re of a tecchie turn of mind, you can even upload any pictures or videos to help support your claim. Visitors to the Radisson site vote for entries, and the most entries by July 24th will win the grand prize. Simples! You must be either an EU citizen, or a citizen of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland to participate to enter this competition, but anyone can vote.

Even if you don’t win the uber-swanky main prize, you may be in line for a Creativity Award. Every week the Radisson Blu Team will select up to 10 winners among the latest entries. Winners are selected based on humour, creativity and originality used to present their stories.

Creativity Award winners get a special badge for their candidate page and a special prize from Radisson Blu. See this week’s awards at

Oh, and just one more thing – if you win, don’t forget to send me a postcard!



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