The Haven

Now nobody snigger …. but I spent a day this week at a decluttering seminar.

Anyone who knows me will appreciate the irony. I cannot bear piles of stuff around me and much prefer throwing things away to almost any other activity, except eating cake. So why the seminar?

Well, I went with a friend who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, and the seminar was at the Haven, a wondrous place in West London where people with the disease can hang out and learn about things that might make them better.

I enjoyed the seminar, given by a nice lady who was inspiring and non-judgemental. She hadn’t heard of my guru, Marie Kondo, though, which was a shame. I love Marie Kondo’s empathy for possessions, and her kooky view that socks are on holiday when you’re not wearing them, so they should be able to relax.

The best thing about the seminar, really, was the wonderful place. We had a lovely organic lunch after the seminar, all cooked with special immune system boosting ingredients. The whole of the Haven is designed to buttress people against this evil disease.

Why isn’t there one for melanoma sufferers? We’re the cinderellas of the cancer world.

I got home to find that TL had been out to a junk shop and acquired two large carved wooden heads and a blue apothecary’s bottle that had once contained poison. ‘We can have it for our bedside water,’ he said happily. Well, you can, matey.


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