This little piggy …. sponsored video

A while ago I told you about Nat West’s paint-a-piggy-wig competition, more properly known as Pigs by Kids. The idea was to design a rival to the Nat West pig family of yore, those rather delicious ceramic figures which the bank gave away a decade or so ago and which have now become highly collectable, as anyone addicted to Cash in the Attic will know.

The competition finished last month, and there are now three contenders up on the website for you to vote for. I must say, the video, below, is incredibly cute. All the entries – over 2,000 of them – look great and I’ve no idea how the judges were able to whittle them down. But whittle they did and now I’m not sure who to vote for. I love the child-in-a-pig costume idea, I think the pig with a logo nose is clever and I’m very drawn to Pigby, the googly-eyed contestant. It’s a hard decision. I think I’ll leave it to you. You’ve got until Sunday to decide.


Sponsored by Nat West

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