Troublesome blonde

You know how it is, people of the world – you’re going about your business, then suddenly a troublesome blonde will get in the way and attempt to mess your life up. We all know one – someone who thinks they know everything, believes they are better than you and tries to boss you around.

Sometimes they just shamelessly flaunt their good looks:














Sometimes they toss those effortlessly stylish blonde manes:














Sometimes they just hang around looking stunning, totally outclassing their opposition:










Sometimes they can’t help themselves, they put you down, just to make themselves feel good. They’re only human after all:













What’s the best way to deal with a troublesome blonde?

Enjoy high winds.

Pray for male pattern baldness (or more male pattern baldness).

Take deep breaths for four years and hope the world still exists in 2020.

And, most importantly, always use your vote.


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