Nocturnal Animals

One of those eeeek moments at the weekend when we found ourselves accidentally watching a gang-rape-and-murder movie, when all we’d really wanted was a nice cuddly feelgood film.

You know how it is, someone’s watched one of the suggestions, another isn’t showing at the right time, and before you know it a family is being torn apart in a grungy trailer in the middle of Nowhereville USA. All kinds of bad stuff can happen if you don’t read the film reviews carefully.

Luckily, the film was Nocturnal Animals and, without giving too much more away, the violence was part of the sub-plot so we could tell ourselves fairly convincingly that it didn’t count and therefore couldn’t possibly produce nightmares. The rest of the film involved Amy Adams wearing implausible amounts of eyeshadow and drifting around a series of glamorous sets, which were meant to signpost the barrenness of her soul but mostly made me wonder where she buys her furniture. There were some odd notes – her second husband looked about 14, and in the flashbacks looked 13. Amy Adams, who looks 30, was played by someone else entirely in the flashbacks, while her first husband was played by the same actor throughout …. All this could be ascribed to the oddness of the story, which was just as well as it’s still making me a bit dizzy ….

Anyway, it was a fun afternoon, definitely the most fun I’ve had watching a nasty violent film – but I put that down to the company.


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