Wake me up before you go-go

Had a terrifying dream last night that somehow I had ended up sharing a uni flat with Child Two, who is going to start her degree next autumn. How on earth this ever seemed like a good idea, I don’t know, but it rapidly proved to be a Bad Move for all kinds of reasons.

With all that wonderful dream logic, there was no investigation of the cock-eyed thinking that must have gone into getting this off the ground. No, there I was, plonked again in the middle of student life, this time as an increasingly reluctant observer, not a participant. Did I want to do any of the stuff on offer? Freshers’ week, lectures, all day drinking sessions, wild parties …. God, I sound so boring, but none held any appeal at all. The last straw came when I made Child Two a cake (I told you this was a crazy dream) only to find that her childhood bff from Brussels had also made one, that looked frankly awful, and which she infinitely preferred. Alice in Wonderland indeed, with all the ‘eat me’ and ‘drink me’ temptations on offer.


Until this dream unfolded, I really thought I was fine about her going away (although it’s safely still months away) and was relaxed about the idea of her moving seamlessly on with an adult life all of her own, without a cake-making, meddling mother lurking in the next room. And after the dream, I am DEFINITELY fine with it. Blimey, what will I dream about tonight?

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