What a to-do

I don’t know about you, but things are beginning to get on top of me. School seems to have turned into a blur of summer fairs, recitals, sports day T-shirts needing finding, then ironing, concerts, very contentious prize-givings (why hasn’t my lubly Child Two got one, may I just ask? Grrrrr!). Meanwhile, holiday plans with Mr X are completely on the blink, the garden hasn’t been done in an age (thank God all the weeds have died in the heatwave), my trusty Dyson has barely seen the light of day all week (and that’s a long, long time for me) and, though I painted my front door in a fit of manic enthusiasm on Monday, I can’t really ignore the fact that it is extremely lumpy and I shall probably now have to pay someone to do it properly. Mind you, it did serve its purpose at the time of keeping my windmilling mind off the dire fates which would befall Child Two’s bete noire, if I ever got my hands on her, that is.

Added to all that, I also have a whole list of things I really ought to blog about. While this is lovely, in a way – though I have never yet suffered blog-block, I live in fear of the fear, which is just ridiculously typical. So a queue of possible posts is, in one way, a godsend. In another, it’s just one more nagging to-do list.

Today, I hardly have time to type even this as I’ve got to go and listen to Child Two singing in the choir and restrain myself from machine-gunning the teaching staff, which will be no mean feat. So I’ll just quickly mention those darling folk at HP, who are the proud producers of my printer. This would be printing away merrily as we speak, if I hadn’t ordered the wrong ink cartridges. Doh! It even says the right number on the Front of the Instructions, it couldn’t really make things any easier. But of course I ordered something totally different and now face the boredom of sending it back and getting the right one. Sigh.

Printing our mugs was better. You have to go to a separate website to do this, called Snapfish, where you can download all manner of photo albums, cards and bitty bobs. HP gave me credits to get two mugs, and I also got two for TL’s littlies. They are all Disney – my specialist subject these days – and I was treated to a good half-hour of my girls bickering over which princesses to put on their mugs. How it took me back to the arguments of yore! Once they had decided (one Ariel, one Cinderella) we had to select photos and crop them into the space, which took about an hour and was a bit painful. A day later, the mugs arrived, and have been much loved ever since. We are also supposed to be doing a photo album but I shall have to lie down for a bit to recover before broaching the website again.

That’s all for now. Keep watching the news – if a Dulwich woman is arrested for a string of teacher murders, you’ll know who it was!

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